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Charlie Bluster

The hilarious epic adventure saga of a lovable small orphan boy with a runny nose who turns into a super arch-villain that will cause any hero to go running for the toilet in terror!
Charlie has a secret, a superpower, and lots of bad people like the Mafia want to use him for their own Evil Purposes such as Teasing their Little Sisters or Nicking Flipping Great Wadges of Cash.

Suitable for both adults and children aged 10+, you’ll find excitement, adventure, and laughter that will keep you reading right to the last page.

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A destiny defying, football kicking, mafia meddling, alien invading, wetting-self with laughter, fantasy adventure story!

A funny fantasy Kung-Fu fighting, sword slashing, chocolate chewing, seat of the pants adventure story.

A side-splitting, toilet flushing, kung-fu ballet dancing, political epic adventure story.

An incredible funk-strutting, face-stuffing, heart-wrenching, helicopter wedgie-dealing fantasy epic adventure story.


Otherworld: Epic Adventure

Seedy politician and all round nasty piece of work, Conn McLear, is the bad guy from book 3, Charlie Bluster becomes Prime Minister. Dig into Conn's background and continue the story after the end of the book with Otherworld: Epic Adventure

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Otherworld: Epic Adventure is a Celtic murder mystery adventure story steeped in Irish History, Mythology and Politics. Playing as Jaden Phillips you travel to Ireland to uncover the mystery of McLear’s shadowy past and to learn how to stop him before it’s too late! Unlock the secrets of the Celtic Otherworld to solve mystery and political intrigue in modern Ireland.

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Otherworld: Circuit Puzzles

A game from Otherworld: Epic Adventure


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