Dance of Destiny

An incredible funk-strutting, face-stuffing, heart-wrenching, helicopter wedgie-dealing fantasy epic adventure story.

For Adults and Children of 10 years +

Our video is best played with sound turned on.

We hope you enjoy this excerpt from the story:

Dancing was the most popular sport in Britain and the man of the moment, the top of the pile was Mr Saturday Night, Fred Brown! The Top Dog and the Killer Queen, he was the best of the best and Kooler than any Kat This Side of Kansas. The girls all wanted to be with him and the guys all wanted to be him! With more animal magnetism than a whole herd of buffalo, he was the hottest property in Britain.

But incredibly, Fred wasn’t always so amazingly popular!

Only a few short years ago he was considered as Dull as Dishwater, a Norman No-Mates and an Uber-Nerd on the Weasley Crusher Scale. In those days he possessed a Personal Body Odour that would Ripen Fruit and all the charm, wit and sophistication of a Squashed Prune. Right now Fred was dating local beauty and former high school heart-throb, Caroline Crothers, but back then he was so repulsive that girls would bolt for the Next Country rather than risk bumping into him on the high street.

“How on earth,” do I hear you ask, “did Fred accomplish this marvellous feat? Was it some sort of tonic, or a magic pill or an emergency injection of Flippin Great Wadges of Cash?” And more importantly, “How Can I Get Some Of It Too??

Welcome to The Tragedy of Charlie Bluster and Dance of Destiny

The fourth amazing book in the Charlie Bluster series continues the story after the end of the third book, ‘Charlie Bluster becomes Prime Minister’.

After the last book, Charlie Bluster has become the most popular British Prime Minister to have ever lived, supplying free chips on demand to the entire populace and leading the country into a new era of total slobbishness.

Charlie and Katie’s friendship turns to love, but when it comes to romance, our boy has all the charm and sophistication of a drunken rhinoceros at a tea party for lady priests!

Meanwhile, bosom buddies and bad eggs Conn McLear and Malcolm, god of Fate, gnash their teeth in frustration after being thwarted in the last book. With new allies and a new range of killer evil merchandise, their dastardly plan for global domination is so cunning that not even Columbo could see it coming never mind love-struck Charlie.

Is this finally the end for Bluster?

Read on to find more snippets from this incredible story, the low down on the most scrumdiddlyumptious hamburger in the world, and this year's high-society social calendar of not-to-miss-parties for high-flying toffs and other nobs.

The Perfect Burger of Champions

Many are the culinary experts that have attempted to assemble the perfect hamburger. We are all very familiar with the Big Mac, the Whopper and of course the Krusty Burger, but these all pale in comparison to the McPugh Special.

This Delectable Monument To Deliciousness was invented by Hugh McPugh, head chef at London Zoo and the secret story of its creation can be found within the pages of the Charlie Bluster book 4, Dance of Destiny.

We are over-awed to present you here today a breakdown of the ingredients, many of which can only be sourced from the zoo itself.

Health warning: these burgers are seriously bad for your continued survival as once tasted you will not be able to stop cramming them into your musher.

Bacon - fried to ultimate crispiness in Keeper Sweat, the bacon provides a bit extra crunch and a whole lot extra taste. The perfect addition to the perfect burger our bacon comes from our local herd of bearded stench-river warthogs.

Secret Sauce - the crowning achievement of this McPugh Special, the Secret Sauce embodies all the elements of a great day out at the zoo brought together in one condiment. Monkey Dribblings, Elephant Bogeys, Discarded Whisps Of Candy Floss And Overpriced Zoo Cola are mixed together and simmered for three weeks before achieving the required consistency. The resultant sauce can only be added in minute quantities to avoid an over-explosion of taste.

Social Calendar for the Elite Society Nobs 

Since Charlie Bluster became Prime Minister, Britain has entered a new era of prosperity and wealth. Citizens of this awesome country fill their time trucking from one high society function to another and to ensure that everyone can keep track we proudly present here today a list of the top and most desirable functions. 

Many of these are highly exclusive and accessible by invitation only but for the others, we recommend getting tickets well in advance!

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