of the World of Charlie Bluster

On this page, we present maps of some of the important places in the Charlie Bluster Universe. Each map is accompanied by a snippet from one of the books. Read on and then test your knowledge with our quiz at the bottom of the page.

When we first meet Charlie in book one ‘The Un-god of Fate’, he is a Norphan living at the Norphanage. Charlie suffers from a permanent cold and a Norphan is the same as saying orphan when you’ve got a conk full of snot.

The Norphanage was a crumbly, old-fashioned stone building with bad drains and drafts in all the wrong places. It had none of the modern comforts that most of us enjoy; there were no computer games, only one TV (which they almost never got to watch except on Saturday afternoons if it was raining really, really, hard outside) and a single toilet (which was very bad news on Thursday evening when Mrs Higgensworth the cook made curry).

The Norphanage is on the edge of a small town in England, here is a map of the town with the other main places marked.

In book two ‘Fate’s Apprentice’, Charlie is adopted by the gods and whisked away to Olympus to learn essential god skills such as sword fighting, impressing girls and how to sleep in, way past lunchtime.

Charlie loses no time in exploring the mysterious land of the gods and here is his map. Listen in on Charlie’s explanation to his friends and find the whole conversation in chapter five.

“When you arrive in god country, you get to the flying horse stand which is right next to the Elysian Fields,” he said pointing it out on the paper. “The Elysian Fields are just like a Butlins holiday park but the food is nicer and they have actual soap in all the bathrooms.

From there it’s only a short walk to Mount Olympus itself where Zeus and all the leading gods live.”

“Oooh,” interjected Katie, “and that must be where you live too?”

“No, I’m afraid not,” replied Charlie. “My room is over by the river next to the Travelodge and is basically the cheapest and smallest place they could find. The toilet won’t flush half the time and the TV is permanently stuck on the Politics channel.”

All the children shuddered in unison at the painful thought of waking up every morning to Boris Johnson.

Shirley Butt-Whooper was the greatest warrior of the tenth century and officially the Most Dangerous Man in the World.

Deadlier by far than even the Terminator, Darth Vader and Donald Trump all combined, bad guys like the Mafia would go sprinting straight for the nearest toilet at the slightest mention of his name!

Shirley’s skills are constantly in high demand and he travels all over the world whooping butt for his hordes of screaming fans. Here are some of his butt-whopping journeys from our second book ‘Fate’s Apprentice’.