The Un-god of Fate

A destiny defying, football kicking, mafia meddling, alien invading, wetting-self with laughter, fantasy adventure story!
For Adults and Children of 10 years +

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Welcome to The Tragedy of Charlie Bluster and the Un-god of Fate!

At the very start of the story, we meet Charlie Bluster, a super arch-villain known and feared across the entire universe!

But how does a lovable small boy with a runny nose, an interest in comic books and a group of wonderful friends turn into every superhero's worst nightmare that will cause them to go running for the toilet in terror?

Maybe its because Charlie has a secret, a superpower, and lots of bad people like the Mafia want to use him for their own Evil Purposes such as Teasing their Little Sisters or Nicking Flipping Great Wadges of Cash!

Keep reading for more snippets from the story, a special section on the Olympian gods (at Jeff's Coffee Emporium) and some minutes from the Mafia weekly meeting.

You'll find lots more in the book itself including the greatest soccer match ever played and alien invasions of the earth!

Here are some of the characters you can find hanging out at Jeff's Coffee Emporium and their favourite drinks:

HOT CHOCOLATE - Zeus, chief of the gods

The door opened again and a weird looking old man in a brown robe entered. Just like Santa, he sported a huge white beard, but you could also clearly see a massive set of muscles bulging out from under the robe. It wasn’t the Rock’s favourite granddad, it was in fact Zeus, the chief of the gods!

Zeus drinks hot chocolate (extra cream) which comes with enough marshmallows to build a small house. Being chief of the gods he has been around a long time and is certain that Jeff makes the best hot chocolate in this Plane of Reality and certainly, no one else served two complimentary chocolates with their hot drinks.

QUADRUPLE ESPRESSO - Hercules, god of exercise

Hercules breezed into Jeff's and strode confidently towards Malcolm's table only stopping briefly to pose and show off for a couple of girls. He was kitted out in a training vest, tracksuit trousers and an expensive pair of basketball shoes. Sunglasses and a sweatband completed the picture. The skimpy vest allowed him to show off his impressive musculature, something he did every chance he got.

Hercules drinks a quadruple espresso which is a black coffee with enough shots to bring down a bull elephant. The quadruple espresso is extremely strong, just like Hercules.

FRAPPA-LATTA-JEFFATINO - Malcolm, god of fate

Malcolm was taking a well-earned break over at Jeffs Coffee Emporium in Portsmouth In order to improve his own image, he’d ditched the standard brown robe and replaced it with a pair of blue jeans, a hard-rock café t-shirt (Hard-Rock Pluto Base 2091) and a black leather motorcycle jacket that he’d nicked from Elvis. He’d also changed his name, got a new even meaner haircut, and always wore a pair of sunglasses even in the house and even at night-time!

Malcolm drinks the Frappa-Latta-Jeffatino which is Jeff's personal invention and his signature drink. It has more fresh cream than most deserts, just about every flavouring you can think of and is supplied with a spoon that is actually made from chocolate.